Listen: Beyoncé ft Shatta Wale & Major Lazer- Already


The internet is on fire after multiple Grammy Award winner Beyoncé released her Lion King inspired album, ‘The Lion King: The Gift’.

The album has 11 interludes under which the 14 songs fall. Each interlude follows a theme to tell the story from the album. Hence every song helps tell the story of the movie. Super creative!

The album features 10 African artistes.

For Ghanaians, seeing one of the most controversial but loved artistes, Shatta Wale, on the list of the feature, was a massive win.

Some fans were worried, Shatta Wale would not do so well on the song ‘Already’ he was featured on. Others wondered if his signature ‘paah paah paah’ would be dominated in the song.

However, their worries have dissipated. ‘Already’ the song he featured in falls under the Rafiki (the monkey) interlude.

Remember the scene in the Lion King movie when Rafiki (the monkey) convinced Simba to follow him so he (Rakiki) shows him Mufasa? That scene was the turning point for Simba, his road to taking the throne back.

From that moment we all knew Simba was king even though he was not at pride rock yet.

And Shatta Wale did justice following the story and conveying the message. To stick to the theme he borrowed words from Mufasa “remember who you are”.

“Real King you have always been. You are a King and you know it,” he added.

The lyrics, the timing, and the beat are so good you don’t just to sit and enjoy a good song but dance and vibe to it as well.

Outside the movie, this song encourages people to not lose sight of who they are.

‘Already’ the 11th song on the album

The Lion King: The Gift is out on all streaming platforms.

Click the link below to listen.


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