Lord of The Rings on Amazon Prime: Plot details may debunk Aragorn theory


Lord of The Rings have released another teaser which seems to debunk claims Aragorn will be taking centre stage in the Amazon Prime series.

The show’s official Twitter account has been dripping lines from a JRR Tolkein poem alongside an interactive map of Middle Earth over the past few weeks, and the latest clue may have revealed some plot details.

After The Walking Dead star Tom Payne claimed Amazon are auditioning for Aragorn (which he’s be perfect for FYI), originally played by Viggo Mortensen in the Peter Jackson trilogy, a new post from the channel seems to suggest we’ll be taken way back to 900 years before Frodo’s keeper was even born.

Previous rumblings suggested the series will explore how the ring came to be, and it’s looking more and more likely with new locations added to the map, which has really fired up hardcore fans.

Minas Anor is the preceding name of the white city Minas Tirith which was a focal point of Peter Jackson’s Return of the King, while Minas Ithil is the previous name of Minas Morgul, the fortress which guarded Mordor.

One fan has noted the use of the ancient names, suggesting Amazon’s Lord of the Rings will take place before the 2000th year of the Third Age when Minas Anor and Minas Ithil were renamed.

However, there’s more chance of us waking up in the Shire than getting any confirmation from Amazon, as the streaming giant revealed they’re keeping all details of their Lord of the Rings series tied up in more security than actual Mordor.

‘There’s a fantastic writer’s room working under lock and key,’ explained Jennifer Salke, Amazon Studios’ chief.

‘They’re already generating really exciting material. They’re down in Santa Monica.

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