Music feuds good business for Artistes- CEO of 3Music Networks

CEO of Music Networks, Sadiq Abdulai Abu.
CEO of Music Networks, Sadiq Abdulai Abu.

By Seli Baisie

The Chief Executive Officer for 3Music Networks, Sadiq Abdulai Abu says music feuds popularly known as ‘beef’ is good business for talents in the creative industry.

“For a lot of artistes, it’s actually a good business. Generally, for society, the way some of it had played out, there is a certain concern on it, particularly relating to violence. But ‘beef ‘has always been good business for talents.”

The Media and Entertainment Entrepreneur made the revelation on GTV’s Breakfast show on Thursday, January 20, 2022, during a discussion on Branding and Artiste Management.

Touching on the relevance of nudity in music videos, the Founder of Wildaland Festival stated that ‘nudity’ is a generational thing.

“When you are younger, you accept it and feel like it’s a cool thing to do, and then when you grow, you become more socially responsible. In my house, my kids may not watch certain channel for instance, but previously on my own, I may watch it,” Mr. Abdulai Abu asserted.



He added that if you look at ‘nudity’ on the basis of ethics, there are certain contents that cannot be played at certain times, sometimes is strictly on regulation, Mr. Abdulai Abu told the host Valerie Danso.

The 3Music Network boss also stated that people have to understand, there is an audience for such content.

“If it is an entertainment show, that airs at a certain time, that needs certain music to air, I’m sorry. It is not about morality or moral views. If your content fits your positioning and the audience you are looking for, to harness the biggest audience and give it to advertising, why not?”, he added.

Asked if there are opportunities in the creative space, Mr. Abdulai Abu responded saying, the creative industry is a powerful one.

According to him, the National Identification Authority data reveals that the top 3 professions that were listed in the top 10 in October, were all creative industry jobs.

“About a million people work in the creative industry. The next-door seamstress, musicians, people working for the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and co are all in the creative industry. So, it is a very powerful opportunity and you can harness it, “Mr. Abdulai Abu noted.

The Media and Entertainment Entrepreneur explained that he began working as a ”Production Assistant, became a Producer, went to school, studied and now into so many things”.

The Founder of Wildaland Festival also stated that creative people should be able to draw a line between personal issues and business decisions, which is purely professional.

Watch the full interview below;


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