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Digital marketing is money; Ghanaian artistes not willing to invest in music- Sally Mann

Sally Frimpong Mann.

By: Roberta Gayode Modin

Entertainment pundit Sally Frimpong Mann has shed light on the culture of digital marketing and its impact on Ghanaian music.

Mann emphasised the crucial role that digital marketing plays in promoting music and reaching a wider audience in the digital age.

One key point highlighted by Mann is the significant financial investment required for effective digital marketing.

She pointed out that Nigerian artistes have excelled in the digital music space due to their willingness to invest in promoting their music through various digital platforms. This investment allows Nigerian artists to gain more music streams and reach a larger fan base compared to their Ghanaian counterparts.

Mann expressed concern that many Ghanaian artistes are reluctant to invest in their music’s digital marketing, which puts them at a disadvantage in the competitive music industry. She emphasised the need for Ghanaian artists to recognise the power of digital marketing and allocate resources to promote their music effectively.

“Most Ghanaian artistes have a bad mentality about the music industry. They don’t want to invest their music, they only think about amassing wealth for themselves rather than a greater success,“ Sally Mann stated in an interview on GTV’s entertainment show ‘Spectacle‘.

The interview emphasised the importance of financial investment and strategic planning in promoting Ghanaian music in the digital era. By embracing digital marketing strategies and allocating resources to promote their music effectively, Ghanaian artists can expand their reach and compete more successfully in the music industry.

To bridge the gap with Nigerian artists, Mann suggested that Ghanaian musicians should prioritise investing in professional music production, quality visuals, and strategic digital marketing campaigns. By embracing these essential elements, Ghanaian artists can enhance their visibility, attract more listeners, and compete on a global scale.

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