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Age is just a number when it comes to education- Philipa Baafi

Philipa Baafi
Philipa Baafi

By Love Wilhelmina Abanonave

Gospel singer and songwriter, Philipa Baafi has stated that, age is just a number when it comes to acquiring education following that, she continued her education twenty years after she had to drop out due to financial difficulty.

According to the gospel singer, she had a feeling she would return to school someday when she lost both parents after senior high school and couldn’t continue but twenty years later, returned to school to read physician assistantship.

“I always remember my first day at school, the first lecturer came in and asked me what I was doing there so I was compelled to study harder despite my age”, she said on the GTV Breakfast show.

Baafi emphasized that, age is just a number when it came to education and though she was older than her mates and was juggling the role of a mother and a wife as well, it wasn’t easy combining all the roles but with support from her husband, she sailed through.

She continued that, looking at her age, being over 40 years old, making that decision to go back was not an easy feat.

She recounted that, she saw an older guy there who she thought was a lecturer at the school because he looked much older than her but she later found out he was actually one of her mates, it was then she realized she did not have to be shy about her age. It also motivated her to continue because she felt she wasn’t the only one older there.

Concluding, she revealed that she graduated with first-class honors despite being over 40 years old.

Baafi stated that she achieved this because, after every lecture, she would spare five minutes of her time to go over the lecture notes again while also joining study groups and even had a study partner who was as young as her daughter.

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