Push to make Ghana, Jewelry Marketing Hub in West Africa

By Nana Ama Omari.

A three-day conference to showcase Ghana’s indigenous Jewellery Industry has opened in Accra with a call on the government to fulfill its vision of making the country a jewelry marketing hub in West Africa.

Speaking at the event, President of the Jewellers Association of Ghana, Jonathan Ababio, asked the government to consider calls by industry players to create a level playing field to enhance gold production and feed the local Industry with raw minerals for value addition to the minerals.

Mr. Ababio said when favourable conditions are created, it will promote the production of varied, and branded jewellery to attract local and international patronage for increased revenue for the economy.

Stakeholders at the 5th edition of the Gold Statement Conference are calling for sustained collaboration among Industry players to promote responsible gold mining and jewellery making.

The event created the platform to showcase Ghana’s authentic handmade jewellery to the world, with the goal of growing the industry, for the country to derive maximum returns from gold production.

President of the Jewellers Association of Ghana, Jonathan Ababio, said the government has a major responsibility in tackling challenges confronting refiners so that they can add value to their products to save the crippling jewellery industry.

Chief Executive Officer of Rapport Services, initiators of the event, Judy Crayem, debunked reports that gold sourced from small scale miners in Ghana contained mercury and therefore, not fit for jewellery making.

The three-day conference has brought together a host of exhibitors across the country to showcase beautifully made jewellery with all kinds of minerals.

The conference consists of an exhibition, presentations on varied topics on jewellery mining and marketing and will be crowned with a gala night and jewellery catwalk.


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