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‘Open the flood gates’ was my breakthrough song- Dr. Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu.

By Jeremiah Nutsugah

Emmanuel Kwaku Deegbe, widely known as Sonnie Badu, shared the profound impact of his song ‘Baba’ in an exclusive interview with Kafui Dey on the Breakfast Show.

The renowned gospel musician, now a pastor, revealed that the song, created in just five minutes with producer Kwame Yeboah, was a pivotal moment that turned his life around.

Speaking about the genesis of the song, Sonnie Badu emphasized its significance during a challenging period of his life, taking him to international recognition.

He expressed, “Open the flood gate was a one-moment opportunity for me, and it happened at my most challenging moment in my life, announcing me to the world.”

Highlighting the fleeting nature of such opportunities in a musician’s career, he explained, “We musicians have one moment, and if you’re lucky, it can be two or three in a lifetime moment, and after that moment, you either catch up or you cannot catch up.”

Sonnie Badu shared an interesting detail about the recording process, noting that the rain featured in the song was authentic. Kwame Yeboah took a microphone to capture the sound of real rain during a downpour.

‘Baba’ has transcended borders, reaching places like Mexico and Puerto Rico, where it has been adapted into different languages, including French and Spanish.

Beyond the financial gains and royalties, Sonnie Badu emphasised the multifaceted benefits, such as increased recognition, personal testimonies, and the positive impact the song has had on people’s lives.

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