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Suicide is not an option says Funny Face

Suicide is not an option
Funny Face, Ghanaian Comedian

By: Benedicta Konadu

Ghana’s popular Comedian, Funny Face speaking on depression and other issues on the GTV Breakfast Show on Friday, November 25, 2022 has advised Ghanaians not to commit suicide when they happen to have to battle depression.

According to him, Praying to God is the best option to overcome depression and not committing suicide.

“Wanting to even die, if I’m here this day talking to you, straight into your face, hold on and calm down. Whatever you are going through, God will make you come out of it. But just hold on. Never do anything funny to yourself”, he advised.

“You, yourself you are not ready to die. What is happening to you is your mentality that is playing tricks on you. That is saying kill yourself because if you commit suicide now, you will live to regret it especially if you have kids. Don’t do this. I don’t know, God is telling me to tell somebody now. Don’t do this, don’t do it. Keep your hopes alive. God got you. Suicide is not an option. You will be strong once again. You will be like me and come back on TV and share your experience”, he added.

The Comedian however shared his experience with depression and suicide.

“My biggest lesson is, if any human is going through something, I want to talk to somebody. My dear brother, my dear sister, I don’t know what you are going through, I don’t know what is your burden, but if you look at me today, if you look at me these days, see me again, go back on YouTube, go back on the Internet, play everything. Just type Funny Face depression. For two good years, I was going through depression. I wanted to die. Actually, I went to Cape Coast. I wanted to die in the sea. An old One lady said, if you want to die, where you are standing, it’s too short. Go deeper and I said old lady relax “, he said.

He, however, apologized to all the people he offended during his depressive moments.

“And I wanna say sorry to anyone I offended during my time of depression. Everybody, anybody I insulted, please forgive me I’m a human, God bless you. Let’s do this again”, Funny Face apologized.

Below is the video;

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