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Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn have First Public Date of 2019


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn made their most public appearance to date on Sunday night as they left the 2019 Bafta awards after party together hand in hand.

The pair have been dating for over two years but have kept their romance incredibly private, a far cry from many of Taylor’s past and infamous relationships.

But on Sunday the pair dined together and then headed out to the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. fashion and film party at Annabel’s, where they were pictured leaving later in the evening.

Although they are regularly papped in London and New York City, the two have yet to speak about the other or the details of their romance – but body language expert Judi James believes these new pictures suggest Taylor is ‘keen to let this one take its own loving course rather than presenting the relationship as a mini drama for us all to share’.

‘Taylor and Joe’s body language here at the Bafta suggests they’re taking two very different relationship roles,’ reveals Judi, ‘with Joe doing the heroic and dominant-looking lead while Taylor is suddenly being towed along submissively behind him.’

‘The way Joe is one pace ahead and walking at what looks like speed suggests the camera-shy behaviour might be his choice.

‘He has a firm clasp on her hand and his other hand is stuffed in his trouser pocket, suggesting a desire to hide. Even his raised elbow hints at speedy movement plus a desire to protect his date for the night.’

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