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A lot of men are wearing wigs now- Ghanaian Barber


By Seli Baisie

Ghanaian Barber and Hairstylist, Andrews Asare has disclosed that the latest trend in men grooming in Ghana now is fixing ‘hair units.

A hair unit or hair system is a hairpiece or partial wig of synthetic or excellent-quality human hair worn to cover some part of the baldhead. It is often referred to as hairpieces, toupees, or units. Although a hair system is usually linked with male wearers, some women also use it to extend the existing hair or cover a partially exposed scalp.

Founder of Ghana Active Barber Foundation, Andrews Asare stated that the people patronizing the hair units are mostly older men.

“Right now, you can see a lot of colours, people are dying their hair and with the hair unit, a lot of guys are now doing it. So, the ladies have to take care some of them are old men but they are just being young with the hair unit.”

The award-winning barber, explained further that the hair saloon space for men has evolved over the years.

“At first, you can have a bald head and is bald but right now, we have different things you can do to have hair. So, we have hair units, hair transplants, scar pigmentation…”

Mr. Asare stated that at times he receives phone calls from people who want to get their beard fixed, however because of the weather he does not encourage it.

“We have a product that we use to grow a beard, so right now a lot of guys are buying that product to grow their beard.”

Mr. Asare also mentioned that barbering is becoming a lucrative job in Ghana.

“Now the system is changing because at first barbers we look down upon them right here in Ghana but right now barbers are charging 100 dollars for home service. Right now, people are investing in barbering and they are getting money out of it…… I have seven barbers that I’ve trained, and they have all moved to Dubai to work there, two are in South Africa so we are training a lot of people and the barber game is changing.”

Mr. Asare made this revelation on the GTV’s Breakfast Show on Monday, June 13, 2022.

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