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Braids, the new trend and lifestyle among young men in Ghana


By Dankwa Prince

The practice of hair braiding has a long history in Ghana, and it holds various meanings and purposes within Ghanaian society. Braiding has traditionally been associated with women to depict femininity, beauty, and cultural heritage.

Today, there is a noticeable trend towards male hair braids. This has become part of modern Ghanaian youth trends, as male hairstyles serve as an expression of identity. Whereas some hairstyles convey specific messages about social status, age, and sometimes spiritual affiliation.

Due to evolution, societal norms and perceptions have shifted some gender roles, leading to the acceptance of young males engaging in hair braids. Even though Ghanaians may be divided on the issue of males braiding their hair.

Braiding has provided a platform to express personal style, individuality, fashion presence, and sometimes subcultures. Practicing braids allows connecting with people with similar interests and a community centered around braided hairstyles. 

Adding to the trend, some young men interviewed in Ghana say, ”braids adds to styles and twist to the hair”. 

”The braids keep, maintain, and save a lot of time treating the hair from tangles”, one young man noted. 

Some were of the view that combing their long hair every time becomes very tedious and sometimes causes hair breakage due to SSK (single stand knots) that tend to form at the ends of the hair, which basically makes knotted hair difficult to comb or detangle.

“I see hair braids for women, and men that practice this new trend can be said to be homosexual,” Cecilia Kanta.

Braided hairstyles have become a dominant global trend, with Ghana being no exception. From well-known celebrities and footballers, whom some young men consider their role models, the trend is anticipated to continue.

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