A study in 2017 which was published in a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal (psychoneuroendocrinology) indicates that sex boosts lifespan by protecting the DNA of humans.

The findings of the study also revealed that women who have regular sex live longer.

Reacting to the research, in an interview with gbcghanaonline team, Alternative Medical Practitioner from the Sacheal Alternative Clinic, Dr. Micheal Osei Tutu Sackey, agrees with the research findings.

According to him, the testosterone and estrogen help release anti-aging properties.

Dr. Tutu Sackey said sexual intimacy has health-enhancing benefits and can improve the health conditions of partners and couples.

Dr. Tutu Sackey indicated that regular bedroom activity also improves blood circulation and relaxes the human body.

“Sex prevents heart attack, prostate cancer, improves circulation which strengthens the human system’’ he stated.

He further noted that regular sex can boost lifespan.

Dr. Tutu Sackey said regular sex also prevents wrinkling in women.

A social scientist and lecturer from the University of Ghana, Professor John Owusu Afriyie for his part, said sex ‘quickens’ the nerves because during sexual intercourse blood is circulated.

Professor Owusu Afriyie noted that scientifically, it has been proven that sexual intimacy expands life.

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