Both men and women have certain roles they play best in establishing a relationship. The classic role of pursuer belongs to the guy. This can be frustrating because you may have to wait for a long time to be pursued. Many times, if a woman is interested in a certain guy, she simply must approach the matter directly. If you can read the signs a shy guy likes you, then you’ll avoid wasting your time.

Just like a guy, you do not want to experience the pain of rejection. The potential embarrassment some people can bestow upon the lightly aggressive pursuer is enough to back them down. It would be good to be able to identify the shy guy before pursuit.

Shyness comes from not considering oneself adequate. The shy guy has probably stuck his neck out once or twice only to get knocked down. It doesn’t take any more than one or two failures for the shy guy to give up and simply withdraw.

Here’s how to recognize the shy species:

1. A shy guy will have difficulty in making eye contact. A shy guy will look your way or will look directly at you, but, the minute you return his glance, he will look away. He may smile as he looks away, but he will not return your gaze. A disinterested guy will look right through you at the girl behind you.

2. A shy guy will smile a lot. A smile is a welcome, non-threatening, non-committal action the shy guy can evoke and still remain protected. If a girl looks at a shy guy several times and the guy smiles, then turns away, that is a good sign of being shy. The disinterested guy’s expression will usually not change at all; he’s just not interested.

3. The shy guy will almost absolutely not approach you or any other woman. The potential result is simply not worth it. The disinterested guy will make small talk, but he won’t try to learn more about you, and he might check out the woman behind you.

4. If approached, the shy guy will open up almost immediately. With your first question, he will know he has been acknowledged, and he will share his heart. The disinterested guy will avoid being approached by you; he may even turn and walk away.

Shy guys can be great friends, lovers and eventual mates. They just lack that overabundance of confidence some guys have. Take a chance, appraise your next near encounter and, if he seems to a shy guy, go for it.

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