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Free the Vaccine


We do know for a fact that scientists across the world are spending sleepless nights in search for a Coronavirus Vaccine to immunize against the virus or a drug that could possibly cure COVID-19.

This has become a global competition as the world races against time, with the virus killing and infecting thousands.

Africa is also in the race, while the US, China and Europe are among the world’s economic giants battling to be the number one to find a cure.

In the last three or so months, since the virus began its deadly spread, China, Europe and the US have all set in motion to become the first to produce a vaccine, with scientists putting aside their egos to share findings.

In Ghana, a number of Science research facilities are working day and night. No wonder Ghanaians woke up to the news during the Easter season that Ghanaian scientists have made some discoveries that would provide insights and understanding into the Coronavirus strain in Ghana. This move drew a commendation from Ghana’s Vice President, Dr Mahmoud Bawumia.

Daily GRAPHIC April 14, 2020
Daily GRAPHIC April 14, 2020

Indeed, this story is well captured on the front page of the Tuesday April 14, 2020 edition of the Daily Graphic, with the story written by Timothy Ngnenbe.

In a release, scientists at the University of Ghana said they ‘’have successfully sequenced genomes of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the global COVID-19 pandemic, obtaining important information about the genetic composition of viral strains in 15 of the confirmed cases in Ghana’’.

The scientists, who work at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR – College of Health Sciences) and the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP – College of Basic and Applied Sciences) at the University indicated that they “analysed samples from selected cases to gain a comprehensive understanding of the variations of the virus that are present in the country. “The successful establishment of this sequencing capability at University of Ghana is a significant milestone in Ghana’s response to the pandemic, as it will strengthen surveillance for tracking mutations of the virus and aid in the tracing of the sources of community infections in people with no known contact with confirmed cases,” said Professor Abraham Anang, Director of NMIMR. ( full story below)

This story is very important because it provided a window of opportunity for a vaccine.

Speaking of a vaccine, many across continents are pushing to ensure that a vaccine is freed rather quickly and timeously.

One of Ghana’s Young and upcoming Entrepreneur and Activist Prince Andrew Ardayefio has decided to go public.

In an interview, he said he wants to “make people aware of the need to #STAYATHOME so that we can flatten the curve and be out of this pandemic soon. Also, when a well-tested vaccine when released, should be free and accessible or reasonably priced”.

Ghanaian Entrepreneur, Artist and Activist, Prince Andrew Ardayfio.

Prince says he is complying with the State’s Imposition of Restriction’s order to stay at home, where at his gate he held high a banner with the inscription, “APRIL DISTANCE BRINGS MAY EXISTENCE, #STAYATHOME, #FREETHEVACCIN”.

He said he wants “everyone to rethink about the need to stay at home, because scientists confirm it is one good way of defeating the Coronavirus pandemic”.


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