Smart phones and social media have changed the way people practice their religion. Many Christians are now turning to the use of Bible apps to express their faith instead of the physical Bible.

This is raising intriguing questions about the future of the world’s highest selling publication and the attendant comparison between the soft and hard copies of the Bible.

Research on Bible use among Africans shows that more than 65 percent of regular Bible readers prefer print copies about 35 percent digital platforms or through Apps.

Speaking to the GBC’s Radio Ghana in Accra, Founder of International Priestword Chapel, Reverend Daniel Quaye in Accra, said even though, the electronic bible helps readers locate scriptures faster, it could also pose numerous challenges.

A number of people Radio Ghana spoke to said both the electronic bible and the hard copy contain the same message.

Some people believe the physical bible is bulky especially when they have to go to church without a bag. But the soft copy on the phone can fit into their purse or pocket.

Head of Distribution at the Bible Society of Ghana, Naana Hagan, said the introduction of the Bible App hasn’t affected the society very much since they have been making sales over the past two years.

She encouraged Christians to purchase the Hard-Copy of the Bible since it is still relevant in the study of the word of God.

The trend shows rapid growth in digital Bible engagement alongside strong preference for print Bible reading.

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