“Living in the Margins of Ghana,” A Napoleon Ato Kittoe Documentary

By Samuela Quartey & Hannah Dadzie

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC, will today September 9, 2021 premier a Documentary titled “Living in the Margins of Ghana.” The documentary exposes deficiency in information dissemination. Additionally, it opens up the conversation for the need to properly fund Public Service Broadcasting in Ghana.

The issue of funding Public Service Broadcasting, Media Analysts believe should not be a concern to people in Public Service Broadcasting only but rather, a National Conversation and concern. Head of Documentaries at GBC, Napoleon Ato Kittoe who spoke on the GTV Breakfast Show about some unique features of the documentary said the work is a unique one.

“This Documentary is projected to be a unique documentary because of its unique features. One of them being the fact that the pace is very slow, the word intensity of this documentary, “Living in the Margins,” of Ghana doesn’t overshadow the visuals. Many a time we do documentaries and you see that it is verbose, and it doesn’t allow you to breathe, I call that type of documentaries an extension of the news, you know news is supposed to be 2 minutes, 3 minutes, but when you do a documentary that a verbosity of narration in the visuals then it sort of drowns the visuals. The pictures tell the story in this “Living in the Margins,” Documentary.

Mr. Kittoe cited the indebtedness to the Electricity Company of Ghana and obsolete machines as some of the reasons why GBC is unable to reach some catchment areas.

“The public probably is dangling in a certain darkness, they are not aware of the underlying factors behind GBC not reaching them, but we in our investigation discovered that some of our machines date back time immemorial and therefore once they are old machines their efficiency is not very much good and therefore, use a lot of electricity, that aside people are clamouring for GBC because they feel that they are not getting the information they deserve from other sources,” he said.

“Living in the Margins of Ghana” would be premiered on 3 of GBC’s Channels.

GBC News at 1 pm, today, September 9, 2021, and then on Lifestyle Channel formerly GTV Life at 8 pm and also on GTV main at 8:45 pm.



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