Sakumo Ramsar Site in perspective


By Gabriel Okine

Farming around the Sakumo Ramsar Site in Ghana is an important facet of the local economy and the livelihoods of many residents.

The fertile lands surrounding the area provide an ideal environment for agricultural activities. Farmers engage in a variety of crops and livestock production, contributing to food security and economic growth in the region. The farming practices in this area are diverse, with farmers cultivating crops such as maize, cassava, yam, vegetables, and fruits. 

Livestock rearing, including poultry and small ruminants, is also prevalent.

The farmers employ traditional and modern techniques, depending on their resources and knowledge. These agricultural activities have several positive impacts on the community. They generate income for individuals and households, aiding in poverty reduction and improving living standards. The produce from the farms is often sold in local markets, providing fresh and nutritious food for consumers. 

The concerns:

However, there are also challenges faced by farmers around the Sakumo Ramsar Site. Limited access to quality agricultural inputs, such as improved seeds and fertilisers, can hinder productivity. 

Inconsistent rainfall patterns and climate change pose threats to crop yields. 

Additionally, pests and diseases can affect crop health and result in losses. Efforts are being made by the government and agricultural organizations to support farmers in this area. Training programs are organized to enhance their knowledge and skills, and initiatives like irrigation systems are implemented to mitigate water scarcity issues. 

Farming around the Sakumo Ramsar Site in Ghana is a vital sector that contributes to local food production, employment, and economic development. 

By addressing the challenges and providing support to farmers, the community can continue to thrive and prosper in their agricultural endeavors.

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