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TUC rallies Ghanaians to help save economy


By: Nicholas Osei-Wusu

The Ghana Trades Union Congress, TUC has raised the alarm that Ghana is at the tipping point of an economic disaster and that any action or inaction that is miscalculated effort by the government could spell real doom for the country. 

The Secretary General of the TUC, Dr. Anthony Yaw Baah, who disclosed this, expressed regret that Ghana is faced with such unpleasant situation in spite of the abundance of the natural resources endowment. 

He however urged all well meaning citizens to contribute their bit in saving the dire economic situation in the country.

Dr. Yaw Baah was addressing the opening of the Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the Public Services Workers Union in Kumasi. 

After 66 years of independence, we’re now standing at the edge of a cliff and any miscalculated move will send us down deep into that cliff, and that is where Ghana has found itself, unfortunately.

“In spite of all the resources we have. In spite of all the 32 million people we have. In spite of all the gold, all the diamond, all the ocean, all the forest, Ghana is now at an edge and we all have to work together to move away from this cliff. One of the things we have to do is what this Conference seeks to do; to build and strengthen public sector institutions”, he disclosed.

Dr. Yaw Baah said it is unacceptable for the President alone to be appointing about six thousand people into positions that makes such duty bearers accountable to the President instead of to the state. 

The TUC’s Secretary General used the occasion therefore to rally all labour unions in the country to united now to compel an amendment to the 1992 Constitution that is the cause of this situation.

Regarding the Workers’ Manifesto developed by the TUC, the Secretary General warned that, labour movement will not cooperate with any political party that fails to adopt and incorporate the proposal into its Campaign Manifesto for the 2024 Presidential Election.

“What we seek to do is to use our Workers’ Manifesto that all what is going to benefit workers find themselves in the manifestos of the political parties. 

And if you’re a political party and you don’t consider the Workers Manifesto in your manifesto, we’ll not cooperate with you, we cannot cooperate with you”, he insisted.


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