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Rev. Dr. Wengam calls for positive media portrayal of genuine pastors


By Gloria Anderson

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Dr. Stephen Wengam, has urged the media, especially Christian journalists, to be vigilant gatekeepers over stories related to the Christian faith. 

In an interaction in Accra with media personalities who are members of Assemblies of God, Rev Dr Wengam emphasised the need to avoid negative depictions of ministers of God without justification. He called for responsible journalism to ensure the positive image of the church.

Rev. Dr. Wengam briefed the journalists on the Transformation Agenda of the Assemblies of God, with emphasis on the 6 Rs: Reach every community with the word of God, Rebuild the church’s human capital and infrastructure, Restore its Pentecostal fervour, Reform the church’s administrative structure, Reposition Assemblies of God as the leading Pentecostal church in Ghana, and Rebrand its image to utmost heights. 

He  urged them to fully support the realisation of the Transformation Agenda and share the church’s vision with the world. “It’s time to tell our story and let the whole world know that currently, Assemblies of God is the largest Pentecostal church in the world,” he declared.

The General Superintendent acknowledged the contributions of Assemblies of God members to the nation, stating, “We’ve paid our dues to the nation; our members have risen to the highest offices in this country. We have what it takes to take leadership positions in Ghana.”

Rev Dr Wengam said that through responsible and positive storytelling, the Assemblies of God can continue to play a significant role in shaping the narrative of Christianity in Ghana.

Media personalities were happy about the meeting and promised to promote all activities of the church. They encouraged the General Superintendent and executives to work within the confirms of the law and ensure that they promote peace and unity in Ghana.

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