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Chief arrested with M16 in Tamale


By Murtala Issah

Police in the Northern Region have arrested a chief for illegal possession of fire arms.

According to GBC News sources, the chief is said to have gone to the Ambariya Senior High School in Tamale, wielding an M16 rifle with six fully loaded magazines.

An M16 assault rifle is a military-grade weapon originally used by the US Army.

Various civil society organisations in Northern Ghana have raised concerns in the past over the circulation of illegal weapons in the region, attributing the frequent conflicts in the area to unauthorised persons having access to sophisticated weapons.

The Ghana Small Arms Commission has been working to prevent the circulation of illegal weapons across the country.

Despite their efforts, police personnel on major highways in Northern Ghana frequently find various grades of weapons and ammunition concealed in vehicles, with most of these cases dealt with behind closed doors.

However, GBC News sources in the Regional Police Command say, the chief will be arraigned before court on Monday.

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