We will resist relocation attempts- CMB fire victims


Some victims of last Sunday’s CMB Market fire have said they would resist any attempt by the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to relocate them.

They contend that even though the fire destroyed their merchandise and belongings, they were not prepared to leave the CMB area.

According to Mr Freddy Quansah, the assembly member for the area, the reason for their objection to relocation from the area following the fire was “constant disappointment by NADMO.”

The victims of the fire pointed out NADMO’s failure to assist them in previous fire outbreaks as the basis for their decision.

“NADMO personnel came on Monday to take our names after the incident on Sunday. They said they would relocate us, but we refused because in previous fires, they came to write down our names but never offered any assistance.

“This is the fourth time we have had a fire outbreak and we have never had any help from them. So, we have decided not to rely on them this time…. If they bring us something, fine! If they do not, we will not force them. However, we will not agree to relocation,” he stated.

Mr Quansah viewed NADMO’s offer of relocation as an attempt to exploit the situation to evict them.

“This is something that the government or authorities usually do. When something like this happens, they take advantage and clear the area. That is why we decided not to go anywhere,” he told the Ghana News Agency.

The Assembly Member stated that they would continue to live there despite their loss until they were able to raise enough money to rebuild their burned properties.

On September 18, 2023, an inferno destroyed some structures at the CMB market behind COCOBOD in Accra.

The incident, which occurred around 0430 hours, destroyed 200 structures, including shops and dwellings built from plywood and metal sheets.

However, as of late Friday morning, the area had been cleared of the rubble created by the blaze.

Hundreds of people have been affected by the tragedy, some of them continue to grieve from the loss of their livelihoods and properties.

Others, such as Samson Darko, a tailor, stood on a charred place where his shop previously stood.

He detailed how he lost several industrial sewing machines, yards of fabric, and other supplies in the fire.

“I lost eight machines to the fire. Each one cost me 4,500 Cedis. Aside from that, I lost a generator, several yards of fabric, and other tools. Since the loss, I have been idle and thinking about how I will survive and start over. We are in dire need of help,” he said.

His calls for assistance were echoed by others who had lost belongings to the fire.

According to several people who spoke anonymously to the GNA, some politicians, including Zanetor Agyemang Rawlings, Member of Parliament for the Korle Klottey Constituency, donated bags of cement, lumber, and other materials to the victims.

Source: GNA

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