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VALCO Poised to become world class smelter

Environmental Manager of VALCO, Edward Arthur in a pose with Environmental Control Officer of VALCO Edgar Tetteh at the COP 28 in Dubai


Environmental Manager of the Volta Aluminum Company, VALCO, Edward Arthur has said the company’s quest to achieve a green smelter status will not be sacrificed on any alter. He said a number of strategies have been mapped out not only to achieve this quest, but also be counted as the best smelter in the sub region.

Speaking to GBC News at the company’s Pavilion on the sidelines of COP 28 in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Arthur noted that energy efficiency, recycling of waste materials and acquisition of raw materials from environmentally responsible suppliers are some of the interventions towards realizing the agenda.

“VALCO has adopted sustainable material sourcing from environmentally responsible suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices in mining and transportation”, he said.

He also noted that VALCO has made some strides in recycling of waste water in their operations, which is all geared towards attaining a green smelter status. “We all know water is a very essential commodity for life so, VALCO is enhancing water management by implementing water conservation measures such as harvesting and recycling waste water from our plant to minimize water consumption. Industrial waste is also a challenge, but VALCO’s quest to become a green smelter has pushed it to resort to adopt recycling strategies”, he added.
Meanwhile, VALCO says it has deployed a number of measures geared towards contributing meaningfully to the reduction of carbon emissions, and by extension climate change. An Environmental Control Officer of VALCO, who is also the Local Union Chairman, Edgar Tetteh said the smelter as part of a requirement under the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative, ASI, is demonstrating to the world, its commitment to ensure a safe environment. He noted that three key rights must be satisfied under the initiative to make it effective. These are the labour rights, neighbour rights and human rights.

“A Smelter such as VALCO needs to satisfy these 3 key rights under the ASI initiative.
With labour rights, management of VALCO believes in the rights of employees to know chemicals or inputs that are harmful and hazardous to health and environment hence committed to training all employees in handling and disposal of chemicals or inputs from cradle to grave”, Mr. Tetteh mentioned.

Explaining Neighbor Rights, he said In order to achieve this green agenda, VALCO is implementing sustainable production by doing the following
I) Sourcing for sustainable raw materials that is materials that are less polluting.
Engaging in sustainable production that is elimination of waste and
Implementing efficient energy technology.
On Human Rights, VALCO believes that every human has the right to clean air, right to safe working environment and right to fair wages”
Mr. Tetteh further stressed that VALCO has a firm belief that if all that have been stated are strictly adhered to, it can contribute meaningfully to ensure global emission reduction and a positive climate change for the benefit of Mankind.


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