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Abeiku Santa gives thumbs-up to GBC for promoting Ghana’s tourism sector


By: Henrietta Afful.

Tourism Ambassador for Ghana, Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, popularly known as Abeiku Santana, says until the Arab Spring, Egypt was the biggest tourist destination in Africa as well as the world.

However, there are efforts to project Ghana on the international market and make her a tourism destination.

He said the Ghana Tourism Authority is marketing ‘Destination Ghana’ and this will help showcase the tourism potential of the country.

“Ghana is being put on CNN, Ghana is on GTV; telling people to come here,” the tourism Ambassador said.

He said these networks tell us how we can benchmark the quality and standard of our tourism products as against other countries.

Abeiku Santana said this in an interview on the sidelines of the induction into office of 3 Pro-Tourism Boards in Accra.

The Boards are the National Film Authority, Ghana National Theatre, and the National Commission on Culture.

Speaking at the inauguration, Kenya High Commissioner to Ghana, Eliphas Mugendi Barine said, ”it is time Africans promoted tourism among themselves  to help  grow the continent”.

Below is the full video of the induction of the three Pro-Tourism Boards in Accra

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