Adopt comprehensive behavioral change strategy to clean Accra Expert urges

Decline in irregularities in Auditor-General’s Report
Dr. Eric Oduro Osae

By Lilian Owusu-Mensah

Eric Oduro-Osae, Governance Expert has said that there is the need for an adoption of a comprehensive behavioral change strategy when it comes to matters of environmental cleanliness.

This is in response to the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council’s (GARCC) call on national service personnel in the Greater Accra Region to initiate the Operation Clean Your Frontage dream of the Regional Minister, Henry Quartey.

Speaking on GTV Breakfast 1st February 2022, the Internal Audit Agency Director General said the GARCC’s initiative is a step in the right direction and that they are exercising their mandate in monitoring and coordination.

“It’s about attitudinal change … I’m happy the Greater Accra Coordinating Council is exercising their monitoring and coordinating powers in ensuring that this happens”, he stated.

He again made it clear that it is the responsibility of every individual to keep their frontage clean.

“It should be institutionalized; it should be a cultural thing. People must understand that it is the responsibility of every one to clean their frontage”, Dr. Oduro-Osae stated.

He chastised the local authorities for being too slow in the implementation of by laws.

“If you want to get implementation right carry the people along, let them understand the policy benefit to them”, he said.

Dr. Oduro-Osae suggested that there should be provision to punish anyone who goes against the laws.

“Once they have a bye law, they should treat the bye laws in a way that there are biting sanctions within the by-laws so that after this process if citizens fail to clean their frontage, the Assemblies should be bold enough to enforce these laws working with the district courts”, he opined.


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