Africa needs to deliberately invest in Agriculture to boost food production

Inflation hits 12-year high as food prices surge
Inflation hits 12-year high as food prices surge

By: Rukiatu Musah

The 2022 Africa Agriculture Status Report indicates that Africa will need between 40 to 70 billion dollar investment from the public sector and another 80 billion dollars from the private sector annually, to sustain food production on the Continent.

At the Green Revolution Summit held in Rwanda this month, experts called on Governments, the Private sector and Development Partners to work together to accelerate the sector’s growth in an effort to eliminate hunger and poverty by 2030.

The Report also indicated that the cost of Africa’s annual food imports could hit 110 billion dollars by 2030 from the current 50 billion dollars, if urgent actions are not taken to increase food production.

Narrowing to Ghana, a Regional Representative of the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International, CABI, West Africa, Dr. Victor Klotey said, “there is the need to deliberately invest in the Agricultural sector to boost food production”.

He tells Business News that issues of farmland being turned into shelter and high cost of inputs are factors hindering the sector’s growth and causing food prices to go high.


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