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Akushika Acquaye introduces GBC’s comprehensive election coverage policy

Akushika Acquaye introduces GBC's comprehensive election coverage policy
Madam Akushika Acquaye

By Gloria Amoh

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation(GBC) has rolled out a comprehensive policy to ensure fair and equal access to media coverage for all political parties and candidates in the lead-up to the 2024 general elections.

The Chairperson of the Political Broadcast Complaint and Monitoring Committee, Madam Akushika Acquaye says, if a news release is not signed, GBC unfortunately will not be able to give it any airtime.

Speaking at the launch of GBC’s Political Broadcast Guidelines for Election 2024, on July 10, 2024 Madam Akushika Acquaye explained that the 1992 constitution mandates state-owned media to provide platforms for all electoral candidates and so GBC is committed to these principles by opening all 17 stations nationwide for free programs allowing political parties to present and defend their manifestos. And this aims to offer equal opportunity and fair access to all political contenders.

According to her, in bid to ensure neutrality, GBC has implemented strict measures. “No staff member holds an executive position in any political party, and all advertising rates, terms, and conditions are uniformly applied to all parties and candidates,” She said.

She emphasized that the committee has been established to vet all political adverts to ensure adherence to GBC’s broadcasting standards and the National Media Commission’s guidelines and also, the committee will monitor hosts and presenters for any biases, ensuring objective and balanced coverage. “GBC will offer broadcast in various local languages across different regions”

She also encouraged political parties to provide two representatives for communication to avoid missed opportunities. “GBC will cover political events and press conferences, subject to its editorial policies. Only signed news releases will be broadcasted to ensure legitimacy.” She stated

She pointed out that, GBC will provide periodic opportunities for presidential candidates to state their opinions in recorded broadcasts, subject to a fee if GBC’s facilities are used. Political parties will also ballot for appearances on various GBC programs, and requests for live coverage of events will require advance payment.

In addition to these provisions, GBC offers comprehensive packages for live TV, radio, streaming, and social media coverage of political events, ensuring broad visibility for all parties.

In conclusion, she underscored that GBC aims to foster a fair, transparent, and impartial media landscape during the 2024 elections, ensuring that all political entities have equal access to the public sphere. This initiative underscores GBC’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and serving the nation with integrity.

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