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AMC celebrates successful third edition with delegates from over 40 countries


By Gloria Amoh

The 3rd AMC Local Organizing Committee, in collaboration with the AMC Steering Committee, has celebrated the remarkable success of the Third Edition of the Africa Media Convention (AMC) held in Accra.

This year’s event brought together hundreds of delegates, stakeholders and partners from over 40 countries, showcasing the diverse and dynamic media landscape across the continent.

In a statement issued by the 3rd AMC Secretariat, tracking reports have confirmed that nearly all delegates have safely returned home, marking the end of an enriching and insightful experience.

The event featured a wide array of discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities that have left a lasting impact on participants and the media community at large.

During the closing ceremony, it was announced that, the AMC Steering Committee has extended the period for finalizing the Declaration and Action Plans by an additional two weeks. Moreover, anticipation is building for the announcement of the venue for the 4th Africa Media Convention, which is set to be revealed by July 16, 2024.

According to the statement, the Steering Committee has received bids from two prospective host countries which one Ethiopia and Morocco both of which offer unique and compelling opportunities for the next edition of the convention.

The success of this year’s convention underscores the importance of such gatherings in fostering dialogue, collaboration, and progress within the media sector across Africa.

The 3rd AMC Secretariat expresses its gratitude to all who contributed to making the event a memorable and impactful occasion.

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