Appeals to government to fix Nchumuru roads


By David Jerry Bawanke

The people of the Nchumuru district in the Oti region are crying for help from the government to help them construct their road leading to all parts of the district. The Nchumuru district which was carved out of the Krachi West Municipality in 2013 does not have any road tarred.

The District capital, Chinderi, and the roads from Chinderi to Anyinamae, Chinderi to Bejamese, Chinderi to Akaname, Chinderi to Banda, and Chinderi to Borae all have not been constructed.

Speaking to residents, they expressed a sense of neglect.

”Why should we vote again?’ they asked. Looking at our roads in the district, it looks like we are in a different part of the world”, they opined.

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