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Disaster looms at Adina as sea erosion chases indigenes


Hundreds of households at Adina, a fishing Community in The Ketu South Municipality of The Volta Region are under serious threat as sea erosion intensifies.

For the past days, people are living in fears because they do not know the day/night the troublesome the tidal waves (sea erosion) will come for them and the property.

Hundreds of people living along the coast from Amutsinu to Agorko are in search of higher grounds to avert any calamity and they are appealing to the government to extend the sea defence project to their area too, as soon as practicable.

On Tuesday, September 2, 2019, the sea level has gone up to the extent that some Fisher Folks couldn’t go to sea due to looming danger.

Some of the people who spoke to our reporter alluded to the fact that, the on-going sea defence project at the Blekusu in the same Municipality is the one pushing the sea to their area.

“Coastal erosion is the loss or displacement of land, or the long-term removal of sediment and rocks along the coastline due to the action of waves, currents, tides, wind-driven water, waterborne ice, or other impacts of storms”.

Story filed by Edzorna Francis Mensah

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