GBC News gets results; Divine gets help!

GBC News gets results; Divine gets help!

By Clara Mlanlo

It was a cry from the heart of a disabled father, Dominic, for public assistance for him and his disabled son – Divine. With luck, some assistance has been received. The Chief Executive of the Ghana Gas Company, Dr. Ben Asante, has made a cash donation of GHC20,000 for the upkeep and to immediately start accessing proper medical care for Divine.

The boy is living with cerebral palsy and has never walked, talked, played or lived like any normal child. The burden of caring for the disabled boy is weighing heavily on the father who has managed the situation till now. The donor, Dr. Ben Asante says he believes in the saying – “We are each other’s keeper”. A heartfelt ton of gratitude from GBCNEWS to the CEO of Ghana Gas, for making the first donation into the effort to assist the disabled family.

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