Expedite work on our office to avoid chaos- Rent Control Dept

By Ruth Adotey and Ewurabena Paha.

The Public Relations Officer at the Rent Control Department, Emmanuel Kporsu, says the daily chaos seen at the department can only be solved if work at the old office of the department which is currently under renovation is expedited.

He said the department at the moment occupied the 2nd floor of the Roads and Highways Department to conduct business, a situation Mr. Kporsu said affects work of the Department.

The Rent Control of Ghana has existed since 1963 to regulate tenant landlord relationships. The department records 18,000 cases of rent and its related issues annually.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Department, Emmanuel Kporsu, their work has become quite difficult due to inadequate office space as the department is not able to accommodate the high number of clients who visit the facility.

He said the old office was more spacious to accommodate the high number of clients who visit the facility but has been under renovation for 3 years now.

According to Mr. Kporsu, due to the nature of cases, one would expect the presence of a Security Officer to step in when the situation escalates. Due to the size of the department, clients share a common wooden bench as they wait for their turn, a condition that could spread viral diseases like covid-19.


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