NR: Peasant Farmers advocate intervention in escalating prices of farm inputs

Peasant Farmers
Alhassan Shaibu, Peasant farmer

By: Joyce Kantam Kolamong

For decades now, Ghana has been celebrating Farmer’s Day, in recognition of farmers and fishers who work hard to feed the nation. While the country celebrates yet another farmers’ day today, some peasant farmers in the northern region are complaining bitterly about the escalating increase in prices of agricultural inputs. They said this development is affecting food production and taking a toll on the livelihoods and incomes of farmers.

They are appealing to the government to subsidize the prices to avoid possible food shortages and famine.

Farming has been a mainstay of the people in the Northern region. About 60 percent of the people engage in peasant farming for their livelihoods and survival. Unfortunately, farmers are complaining bitterly about the recent escalating prices of farm inputs and implements which according to them is having a great toll on farming activities.

There are fears that next year Ghana may face a food crisis due to the continuous upsurge of farm inputs and implements. That is the fear of some peasant farmers who spoke with GBCNews in Tamale in the Northern region. Prices of farm inputs such as fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides keep increasing at an alarming rate. They contend that if the government does not intervene, there will be food crises as food shortage is highly imminent.

Alhassan Shaibu is a Peasant Farmer at Kanshegu in the Savelugu Municipality. He is calling for a radical approach to dealing with the escalating prices of goods and services, particularly farm inputs.

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