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FDA says unregistered imports will not be cleared from February 1


The Food and Drugs Authority, FDA, says all unregistered imports will not be cleared at Ghana’s ports from February 1.

A statement signed by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Health Products and Technologies, Seth Seaneke, said any company or importer who flouts the directives would face sanctions. This would be in the form of fines, imprisonment or both.

Since last year the Authority has put in place measures to ease the burden of importers and has revised its registration fees and processes to make registration easy and user friendly for all importers.

The statement said despite those measures, there have been an alarmingly large number of products that continue to arrive in the country without meeting the proper requirements.

Despite this prohibition, products that do not conform to the regulatory requirement or product registration continue to find their way into the Ghanaian market and pose a potential health hazard to unsuspecting consumers.

The statement reminds importers that Sections 99 and 118 of the Public Health Act 2012, Act 851, prohibits the importation of unregistered products.It assures the public that the Authority remains committed to protecting the health and safety of consumers and called for their cooperation to protect the market.

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