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Dietician emphasises importance of food supplements for optimal health 


By Gloria Anderson 

A Dietician at Nyaho Medical Center, Dr. Frank Marful, has stressed the crucial role of balancing one’s diet with food supplements to ensure the body receives essential nutrients for proper functioning.

“Health, like we say, is everybody’s basic right. If you have life, you need good health,” Dr. Marful emphasised.

“Life without good health is akin to wishing you were dead. The internal processes within your body are crucial for your overall happiness and well-being.”

Dr Marful made the call at QNET ‘s celebration of World Health Day in Accra. 

QNET, a lifestyle and well-being company, brought together health experts to educate the public on the need to prioritise their health as a fundamental right. As part of the awareness creation, QNET enlisted physical trainers to educate the public on the right kind of exercises to engage in to keep the body in good shape.

Dr. Marful highlighted the significance of nutrition in maintaining good health.

“Eating well is a vital part of health. Sometimes, normal food alone doesn’t provide all the necessary nutrients in their active forms. Due to various preparation methods or processing, many active nutrients may be lost by the time food reaches the consumer.”

He further explained the role of food supplements in bridging this nutritional gap. “Supplements complement what normal food provides. They ensure that essential nutrients are delivered to the body in their active forms, compensating for any deficiencies that may exist in the diet.”

Dr. Marful reiterated the importance of a balanced diet supplemented with appropriate nutrients.

“To truly uphold your right to good health, it’s crucial to pay attention to what you eat and consider incorporating food supplements into your daily routine.”

The Senior Regional Legal Counsel for QNET Sub-Saharan, Naana Quartey said the company has dedicated the month of Apirl to promote healthy lifestyle as part of the company’s social responsibilities.

She said the direct selling industry across the world is suffering from some misconceptions and misrepresentation. She said, “this is due to lack of adequate information about the industry, and QNET has not been spared  these challenges.”

Naana said over the years, QNET has taken proactive steps at addressing the misrepresentation and has consistently provided stakeholders including the general public, with the right information about QNET and the Direct Selling Industry in general. 

She emphasised that, as a company, QNET upholds the ethical and legal standards of every country it operates in. She mentioned that QNET also partners with and sponsors renowned sporting entities like Manchester City Football Club and the CAF African Club League Championships, solidifying its position as a dynamic force for good.

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