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Franklin Cudjoe acknowledges Yvonne Nelson’s call for second round of #dumsormuststop

Franklin Cudjoe acknowledges Yvonne Nelson’s call for second round of #dumsormuststop

By Francisca Amoakoa

Founding President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has responded to Aķctress Yvonne Nelson’s call for a protest against the government due to the ongoing power outages.

Franklin Cudjoe described Yvonne Nelson’s call as fair and acknowledged the support IMANI Ghana provided during the previous protest against the Mahama administration.

A well-known actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson, expressed her readiness to partner with IMANI Ghana once again to organize a demonstration against the Akufo-Addo government for the power cuts.

In a post on her platform, Yvonne Nelson mentioned that IMANI Ghana had supported her 2015 protest against “dumsor,” which brought together many celebrities.

Responding to Yvonne Nelson on his Facebook page, Franklin Cudjoe acknowledged her call for a second round of #dumsormuststop. He agreed that the government’s decisions and the recent dumsor episodes have been a cause for concern, criticizing what he perceived as a lack of direction in leadership.

It seems like there is growing frustration among citizens and experts regarding the power supply issues in Ghana. The call for a protest reflects the desire for a resolution to the ongoing power outages and the need for effective governance in addressing the situation.

“So as you can see ( T-shirts), we are preparing and we will make the call and choose how we demonstrate and who we want to partner at the right time.He added.

“Meanwhile, others can also organise their own unique protests in churches, mosques, bars, schools and homes.

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