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Director General of GBC asks Union leaders to desist from creating division among staff

Professor Amin Alhassan.

By Mabel Esinam Awagah

The Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Prof. Amin Alhassan, says GBC is a State-owned Public Organisation and not a Government-Media Organisation. 

He was speaking at the 6th Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the Divisional Union of GBC at the Public Service Union Center in Kumasi. 

The statement is to ensure that individuals, including staff of GBC, are aware of the Corporation’s mandate, values, goals, and mission and act accordingly. 

Prof. Alhassan further urged individuals not to show their political affiliation in order to achieve the goals of a State-Owned Media Organisation.

”We are not a government media organization. The distinction is very important. Being a state broadcaster does not make you a government organization,” he posited.

Prof. Alhassan urged the staff of the GBC to know the difference between the GBC and other State institutions.

He said that doing so helps reduce the unnecessary competition that exists between the State organisations.

“Some even compete among themselves to show how deeply connected they are with a particular party, either A or B, that will not help us, the only party we support is Ghana,” Professor Amin stated.

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