GBC asked to remain focused on public service mandate

From left: The Acting U/W Regional Direector of GBC, Christopher Asiedu; and U/W Reg. Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih.

The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih has stressed the necessity for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), to remain focused on its mandate as public service broadcaster.

Dr. Bin Salih made the call when the new Acting Regional Director of GBC, Christopher Asiedu, paid a courtesy call on him to introduce himself as the new man in the saddle.

GBC’s Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo reports that Dr Bin Salih made reference to the developmental role of the GBC during the interaction with Mr. Christopher Asiedu.

Dr Bin Salih stated: “First I will welcome you to my office and then secondly to the Upper West Region. The role of GBC can never be underestimated. You have a very important role in the development and the forward march of the Upper West Region, and for that to happen, it is the personnel who will drive the institution to be able to do that. You have taken over as the head of the institution, it is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that the organisation remains focus on its mandate.”

The Regional minister continued, “be rest assured that whatever assistance that we can offer to let you succeed, we will do that. You have come at a critical point. We have less than three months to the general election, a key point that you need to hammer on is peace, peace, peace.”

Mr Christopher Asiedu told Dr Bin Salih that his visit was to further help to improve the collaboration between the GBC and the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council.

A photo session during the courtesy call.

“I’m here to renew the support that you have been giving to us. We are traditionally supposed to provide education, information and entertainment and play an advocacy role as well because we are the mouthpiece of the Upper West. So that’s why I am here to introduce myself and to tell the Regional Coordinating Council, there is a new boss,  am ready to work with you, work with you to support government programs and policies,” Mr. Asiedu indicated.

The New Acting Regional Director of GBC in Upper West equally called on the MCE for Wa, Tahiru Issahaku Moomen. Their interaction centered on mutual partnership.

The Ag. U/W Regional Director of GBC, Christopher Asiedu (left); and the MCE for Wa, Tahiru Issahaki Moomen.

“We are glad to welcome you to the Upper West Region and Wa Municipality in particular and also to express our gratitude and appreciation for your recognition of this office [Wa Municipal Assembly] as a point of call in your duty tour in the Upper west Region.”

“We are the Landlords in the Municipality but then everyone has his or her rights to reside in the municipality. However, you decided to give us that courtesy, we are most grateful. That is a sign of your readiness and preparedness to continue in building on the existing relationship between the Wa Municipal Assembly and GBC, we are most grateful,” Mr. Moomen observed.

The MCE also said, “We don’t have any doubt that the relationship as you put it would be renewed and strengthened in our course of work, so we are most grateful to you.”

Mr Moomen pointed out that, “Wa Municipal is a very conducive Municipality that accepts all manner of persons. The hospitality level is so high and it manifests itself in the way we deal with, especially strangers or ‘non-natives’.”

The MCE, therefore, assured the neW Regional Director of GBC, Chcw Regional Director of GBC that he will be given the needed support to make his stay in Wa memorable. Mr Asiedu took over from Mr. Lawrence Tetteh who is exiting the Corporation on retirement.

Story filed by Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo.

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