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It’s time for GBC to get needed attention – Prof. Amin Alhassan

Director-General of GBC, Professor Amin Alhassan.

By Jeremiah Nutsugah

The Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Professor Amin Alhassan, has emphasised that the corporation has faithfully served the country, and it is time for Ghana to give it the attention it deserves.

He made this statement at the official launch of 2024 Heritage Month at the GBC forecourt of the inner reception.

Professor Amin Alhassan highlighted that this year’s heritage month underscores the importance of preserving our heritage in today’s digital space.

In his opening address, he emphasised that GBC has never missed a single day of recording and reporting on Ghanaian cultural heritage. This, he said, is why GBC does not simply describe itself as a media organisation but rather as the foremost natural cultural institution.

“We have been recording and reporting what Ghana is, even when it wasn’t, we were instrumental in naming how it was going to become.”

He also appealed to the government to come to their aid and ensure that they have the necessary resources to establish their presence in all the newly created regions.

“We have also been throughout the country and in various regions, ensuring that in every regional capital, when there were 10 regions, we had an operational base. Now, with the challenge of having 16 regions, our challenge is to ensure that all these new regions are covered. We continue to appeal to the government to support us and ensure that we have the needed resources to establish our presence in all these newly created regions.”

He added that just as various African countries have equipped their national broadcasters to ensure that their national cultures are recorded and preserved in their new digital systems, GBC also needs that capability.

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