GBC bids Director of Technical Production, Alexander Flectchyann farewell

Alexander Flectchyann.

By Regina Agana Akantiba.

The GBC Radio Technical Production has organised a farewell party for its outgoing Director of Technical Production, Alexander Flectchyann at Broadcasting House in Accra.

In an address, a Former Head of Religious Broadcast at GBC, Very Reverend Helena Opoku-Sarkodie described Mr. Flectchyann as a selfless and kind-hearted person worthy of emulation. She said it is heartwarming for people in positions of trust to always serve diligently and leave an indelible mark behind. Very Reverend Opoku-Sarkodie stressed the need for society to celebrate distinguished personalities for their meritorious service while they are alive rather than attacking them.

”The kindness, love, and dedication the people may carry now, will be memories that will be with them forever. When you are here doing your best and you hold on, some people think they can just disconnect you from everything that you have laboured for. Sometimes people get promotions and become Directors, lose connections and would not want to smile anymore. It is all part of our orientation and culture. We just enjoy backstabbing and it is a dangerous culture. This is the time that we need to learn how to celebrate people. You moving away does not mean you have retired. In God’s language, there is nothing like retirement,” she stated.

A Senior Manager of Technical Production, Paul Archer, presenting a citation in honor of the outgoing Director, described his former Boss as a brother who served GBC and the nation wholeheartedly.

”The reason for coming here is to honour our brother, friend, and coworker, Alexander. His presence here is a special occasion. He has been given a new life. His distinguished performance of duty reflects a rising trend for him and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). ‘ Ayekoo’ Uncle Alex,” he stated.

The Outgoing Director of Technical Production, Alexander Fletchyann thanked his former colleagues for the overwhelming gesture. He advised current staff of the Corporation to improve themselves by seeking further education.

”Suddenly, Alex, who is boisterous, is tired. I have been overwhelmed by what you people put together. Thank you very much for a good job. May God bless us all. I would like to leave two things with you. If anyone steps on your toe, try not to let the day pass over it. And to those in my division, please improve on yourselves, do not be satisfied with what you have now. You can improve yourselves formally ( apply to a school and get a certificate) or informally (make good use of the internet),” according to Alexander Fletchyann.


  1. Mr. Alex Fletchyann is my *Radio Technical Hero*. I dedicate ALL my quality Radio News Features, Mini Documentaries, which received both local and international recognition,, to this noble technical professional, Mr. Alex Fletchyann, preferably referred to as UNCLE ALEX.

    He has made me who I am; being able to put together quality pieces of Radio News Features through quality Mic. Handling, Audio Recording Techniques, Tracking sounds, Fade In & Out, Mixing, Multitracking, to mention a FEW.

    All of these, I gradually, yet pricelessly gained, through his selfless tutoring and motivation, which pushed me to expand, and venture into multimedia, which has best served me beyond the continental borders as a sole interviewer, script writer & editor, voice recorder, audio editor and many more. Uncle Alex, I still have your cables, connectors et al, to my first professional microphone and headset which I took along during my 1st Europe Training Trip to Radio Nederlands Training Center #RNTC in Hilversum, in early 2008


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