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GBC goes planting on Green Ghana Day

Prof. Amin Alhassan.

By: Christabel Agyei & Roberta Gayode Modin

Staff of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation have joined Ghanaians to plant ten million trees nationwide as part of this year’s Green Ghana Day.

The tree planting exercise is part of efforts to mitigate the country’s deforestation and climate change effects. This year’s edition is under the theme “Our Forests, Our Health.”

In an interview, the Director-General of GBC, Prof. Amin Alhassan, urged Ghanaians to participate in the exercise and underscored the importance of having a green environment.

“GBC has a very green environment.  We have always taken tree planting and tree caring very seriously all year round. We have taken the Green Ghana Project on to complement efforts towards GBC being green.”

He explained that there has been a rapid growth of trees planted last year, which encouraged GBC to plant more.

“Last year, we planted some beautiful palm trees and coconut trees, and they are doing well. And that is the reason why we think that we should continue to plant more. This year, the focus is on Royal Palm. We want to beautify GBC. In five years’ time, maybe when you enter GBC, you should be able to see some up-and-coming Royal Palm trees, which will give GBC the look it deserves.”

Prof. Alhassan further likened GBC to Aburi Gardens in the years to come.

“I am convinced that last year, about 90 percent of the trees survived. This year, we will continue, and very soon, GBC will be very beautiful like Aburi Gardens.”

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