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GBC Volta Star wins 2019 cultural radio program of the year


“Ele afe le gbe” or “Our Culture Our Heritage”, a popular morning show on GBC’s Volta Star Radio in Ho was crowned winner of the 2019 Cultural Radio program at the first Ghana Arts and Culture Awards’ held in Accra.

Volta Star radio came tops among top stations like Peace FM Obonu, Kingdom FM in Cape Coast and Latenu Radio.

The awards were organized by the National Centre for Arts and Culture”.

“Ele afe le gbe” has been on the airwaves for the past two decades and discusses pertinent issues affecting all sectors of the economy.

It is the most popular morning show in the Volta Region with a listenership base in the Oti, and some parts of the Greater Accra and Eastern Regions.

In an interview, host of the show, Little Ben Vidzreku, said the feat was achieved through hard work and determination which makes the programme extraordinary.

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