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Ghana Armed forces embark on one week anti-terrorism training


The Ghana Armed Forces, has begun a one-week anti-terrorism training exercise code-named ‘Exercise Eagle Claws 2021’ in the Northern part of the country.

The exercise, is a four-day field simulation training aimed at testing and preparing personnel for the ongoing ‘Operation Conquered Fist’.

In a Statement, the Ghana Armed Forces said it intends to use this year’s exercise to “equip troops with the requisite capacity to respond rapidly and effectively to terrorists and contemporary threats in the ‘Operation Conquered Fist’ Area of Operation as well as other parts of the country.”

The exercise will be conducted in collaboration with other security and intelligence agencies.

There will therefore be movement of military personnel and hardware to the designated areas.

The public has therefore been advised to “remain calm during the training period as measures to ensure the safety of personnel and the public have been put in place.”

The statement called for support to help rid the country and the Country’s national borders of terrorist groups by passing on information to the appropriate agencies.

‘Operation Conquered Fist’ was launched in 2020 to deal with terrorist activities in the Northern Sector of the country.

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