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🇬🇭Ghana is the largest producer of beads in Africa🌍


Ghana was and still is the largest producer of beads in Africa, and the Ashanti and Krobo people make them from the ground, powdered glass that is uniquely identifiable.

Beads play a significant role not only in the country’s rites and customs but also in every aspect of everyday life by expressing a message through their colours, sizes, and choice of materials.

As body ornaments, the Krobo beads are symbolic, depending on the colours and shapes of the chosen beads, each colour denoting a particular quality.

African cultures are numerous, and not all of them assign the same qualities to the same colours, but here are those that seem to be the most common:

Gold⭐️: refers to the sun and is a sign of wealth and power,

Green🟩: refers to nature and can induce prosperity and fertility,

Brown🟫: refers to the Earth and helps with stable mood,

Yellow🟨: brings energy, bliss and joy to women and is also often associated with maturity and wealth,

Black⬛️: brings protection against harm and gives strength and power,

Red🟥: instils self-confidence in women,

Blue is a mark of loyalty, purity, honour and truth,

Pink💟: refers to the beauty, compassion, kindness and love,

Purple🟪: is a sign of royal power and great wisdom,

Orange🟧: instils confidence and charisma,

White⬜️: can evoke fertility.

Source: Centre of the World

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