Ambassador Razaaly asks Ghana to work at Media environment that reinforces free speech

Irchad Razaaly on media in Ghana.
Irchad Razaaly, EU Ambassador to Ghana.

EU Ambassador to Ghana, Irchad Razaaly has advised authorities in the country and Ghanaians, in general, to work collectively to ensure some level of democracy in the media and the society.

His comments come in the light of Ghana’s current ranking at 60 World Press Freedom Index, dropping by 30 places.

Mr Razaaly argued that reports from the RSF will always be prone to challenges so it was more efficient to lay much emphasis on strengthening the country’s democracy.

“There are always shortcomings. There are always challenges to be addressed and findings of the report have been always prone to pick specific elements. What is important is not to me or to you. I would say, but as such is to work on the underlying condition and free society and media”.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show, Ambassador Razaaly opined that Ghana is enjoying free speech and press freedom but needed to reinforce and nurture it. He said enforcing democracy is not just the responsibility of Ghana but everywhere in the world.

EU Ambassador to Ghana, Irchad Razaaly on #GTVBreakfast

“We have noticed the outcome of this report. Ghana is enjoying free speech, press and is a true democracy and I will assert that we all have a responsibility to reinforce or nurture or consolidate democracy everywhere in the world, not In Ghana, but in Africa everywhere.

He said the EU will support Ghana in the area of investigative journalism and to some extent the work of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA).

“When it comes to Journalism, the EU is supporting GJA. We will be supporting the area of investigative Journalism because we see a key activity for journalism,” the Ambassador noted.

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