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Ghana must sue Al Jazeera over child labour documentary – Oscar Provencal

Ghana must sue Al Jazeera over child labour documentary - Oscar Provencal
Renowned Ghanaian Actor, Oscar Provencal
By: Roberta Gayode Modin
Renowned Ghanaian Actor, Oscar Provencal has called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism to take Qatar-based media organisation, Al Jazeera on for publication of a false documentary on Child Labour in Ghana.

According to him, the staging of events in the documentary is criminal and also tarnishes the image of Ghana.

“It is criminal in the first place. Al Jazeera should not be doing that and I think we should take Al Jazeera on as a country because clearly, it makes us look bad”, he said.
He also lamented the trend of foreign media negatively setting the agenda on Africa.
“Every time Ghana comes up, they tend to bring something negative. When you hear Ghana has been named the number one tourist destination or the fastest-growing country in the world. Watch carefully what is put out about Ghana and these are the things that we should be careful about”, he added.
He called on stakeholders to stand firm against organizations that seek to bring Ghana to public ridicule.
On January 5, 2023, Al Jazeera aired a documentary dubbed “Why is the cocoa industry still using child workers in Ghana?” by Ahmed Idris. In the documentary young children were seen working on farmlands with their parents.
Meanwhile, days after the publication of the documentary, cocoa farmers in the Amenfi West District in the Western Region described the documentary as staged.

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