Ghana’s Nationalism Park not accorded required relevance

The Nationalism Park at Osu sits right between the Independence Square and the Accra Sports Stadium. It was opened in 2011 to serve as tourist attraction and also commemorate those who laid down their lives in the pursuit of Ghana’s independence.

On this site are busts of the three notable victims of the 1948 Christiansburg crossroads shooting; Corporal Attipoe, Sergeant Adjetey, and Private Odartey Lamptey, who were killed by armed colonial police during a peaceful protest.

Sadly, despite its importance in Ghana’s history, it is not being accorded that high regard.

Recently, GBC News came across a herd of cattle, simply taking a stroll right on the park. There was no herdsman in sight, and the place was not in good shape either. As they took their stroll, the herd crossed the street at the traffic light causing motorist to either slow down or stop for them to cross.

Some road users complained about the fact that lawlessness is becoming the order of the day. They hoped that city authorities will crack the whip on such activities for sanity to prevail.


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