GJA, Knutsford University College step-up partnership in capacity building for Journalists

Affail Monney.

By Rebecca Ekpe

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), and the Knutsford University College in Accra have stepped up efforts and partnerships in building the capacity of Journalists within the Ghanaian media landscape.

In line with this, the Knutsford University College every year organises a free, intensive Advanced Diploma programme in Communication and Governance for Journalists across the country.

Speaking more on the partnership and the Media program on the GTV Breakfast Show, Bishop John Kwabena Essel, Rector of the Knutsford University College said the institution is collaborating with the media given the important role the media plays in a country’s Politics, Ethics and Governance as a whole.

‘’Our goal is to provide responsible leadership,’’ he stated.

Bishop Essel disclosed that the course is free and would run for 13 weeks.

Applicants would be required to submit verification from their employers to be admitted to the program.

Research has shown that confidence in the media is diminishing by the day, given the mediocrity that some of the media perpetrate. This is why GJA President, Affail Monney, believes that training and retraining is the antidote to closing the gaps.

“This is why the GJA is venturing into the capacity building partnership with Knutsford University College. Bold and giant steps ought to be adopted to address the root cause of the problem,” Mr. Monney said.

He is of the view that the complexities and the exigencies of the times, sometimes push some journalists to commit professional blunders and perpetrate mediocrity.

“That is why training and re-training is very critical for every Journalist, even Pastors need Theological training,’’ the GJA President said.

“Training of Journalists is very important to the Ghana Journalists Association, due to the loss of confidence and some unethical practices that overshadow Journalistic work in Ghana, hence the partnership,’’ according to Affail Monney.

Mr. Money spoke of a monitoring mechanism for the program to ensure results are gotten at the end of the day. He disclosed that members and non-members of the GJA would benefit from the free capacity building reminding everyone that “deeds and misdeeds of Journalists affect the entire media landscape”.

An Alumni and Brands Ambassador for the GJA/ Knutsford University College Media Program, Gladys Biney attested to how beneficial the program had been to her.

“Just learning about ethics alone is enough, because ethics is key to every journalist’s work, it sharpens your skills,’’ she stated.

It is critical and important for journalists to verify the authenticity of information before publishing that information because it can make or unmake society.

“In Journalism, it must be quality information over quick information,’’ she posited.

The Ghana Journalists Association is the umbrella organisation to which all journalists in Ghana belong. Founded in 1949, the Ghana Journalists Association has become the umbrella organisation representing Ghanaian journalists.

Knutsford University College is emerging as one of Africa’s most prestigious University colleges in Ghana. It was established in 2005 to promote and provide quality education in the 21st Century.


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