GRIDCO records increased revenue from exporting power


The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) says export of power to Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso is increasing the company’s revenue substantially.

GRIDCO’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Amoako-Baah, said earnings from export are very important because it enables the company to operate when ECG, NEDCO and the mines are late in settling their indebtedness to the company.

GRIDCO is the national power transmitter. It controls and maintains the National Interconnected Transmission System and operates in the Wholesale Electricity Market. For years, the company has transmitted power to neighboring countries and earns some revenue to augment its cash flow.

GRIDCO undertakes economic dispatch and transmission of electricity from wholesale suppliers, like VRA, Bui Power Authority and the independent Power Producers to bulk cosumers such as ECG, Northern Electricity Distribution Company, NEDCo and the Mines.

By: Dominic Hlordzi.

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