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Grounded rescue boat found on Coast shoreline

Grounded rescue boat found on Coast shoreline
Grounded rescue boat found on Coast shoreline
By Adiza Bawa

A Grounded lifeboat has washed ashore on Cape Coast.

The lifeboat is believed to have been from Portugal making its way to the Gulf of Guinea but was washed ashore on Cape Coast.

Lifeboats are basically small boats that are kept aboard a ship to carry out emergency abandonment, in case of mishaps at sea. They primarily function as a device for swift and effective evacuation of people in distress from the ship and then aid them to a safe location.

According to Darroll Allan Tagoe, Our Correspondent who reported from Cape Coast, ‘the Safety of the children who play at the banks of the beaches is at risk because the fuel of the lifeboat is opened and children can just jump in to play’.

Furthermore, the Captain’s window has also been broken in.

Reports reaching GBC News indicate that the boat had been washed ashore for days now.

The fishermen at the beach have attached the boat with ropes to secure it. This according to the Fishermen is because anytime there is a tidal wave, the boat goes back to the sea and it is washed ashore again. They feared it would harm them; the reason for them securing it with ropes.

Authorities, including the Police and the Navy, and other institutions responsible, are yet to respond to its boat washed ashore on Ghana’s Cape Coast shoreline.

Below is the video;

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