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Hakila Zoomba Rythms’ poetry book launched in U/W region


The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr.  Hafiz Bin Salih has said all children in the region, irrespective of their social background can attain academic and occupational success if they work hard.

Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih

Dr. Bin Salif said if Hilla Limann from Gwollu could rise to become Head of State, then any other child can aspire to attain such a feat. 

The Minister however, reminded the children that to achieve such feats, they must take their studies very seriously while maintaining a sense of strong discipline.

Dr. Bin Salih said this while speaking at the launch of a poetry book titled ‘Hakila Zoomba Rythms’ at Wa in the Upper West Region.

The Upper West Regional Minister said poetry recitals by children at the book launch “brought back memories of my own childhood”.

He explained that he was able to represent his childhood schools on poetry recitals and some other competitions successfully due to his habit of reading.

He hammered home the need for children to be supported to grow up as responsible citizens who are well educated and well-resourced to be able to further the development of the country. 

Copies of the book on display at the launch

The 61-page book is titled ‘Hakila Zoomba Rythms’. The title of the book is a self-coined phrase by the author. ‘Hakila’ directly translates into ‘brain’ or ‘sense’ in the Dagaare or Waali dialect of the people of the Upper West Region.

‘Zoomba’ on the other hand is from the English word ‘Zoom’ which means ‘to broaden’. Both words, ‘Hakila Zoomba’ come together to form a prayer chant which means ‘may my brain broaden’.  The chant ‘Hakila Zoomba’ has a known response of ‘Zoomba Zoomba’.

Author of Hakila Zoomba Rythms, Poet Pobee Mwintombo

The Author of the book and Executive of Literati Creations, Pobee Mwintombo also known in showbiz circles as ‘Poet Mwintombo’ said he was elated that after 11 years of  hard work, research, planning and continuous dedication, the book, ‘Hakila Zoomba Rythms’ has been published.

The poet and his crew on stage at the launch of the book

He said the book is filled with poems made simple enough for average readers to understand and enjoy.

Poet Mwintombo added that “the book small though it is, is packed with nuggets of wisdom that are applicable in our daily lives”. 

Poet Mwintombo has been doing poetry for the past 13 years in the Upper West Region and Ghana as a whole.

The Poet is also a well-traveled writer and playwright in some parts of Africa. He encouraged children to cultivate the habit of reading explaining that he could not have got to where is now without being a well read individual. 

Co-Founder of Literati Creations and Founder of Talents for Humanity, Carole Donkers who was born in the Netherlands said although she is Dutch, she  has always been in love with the African story.

Co-Founder Literati Creations, Director Talents for Humanity, Carole Donkers

She recounted that growing up in the Netherlands, she used to be consumed by books she found in the library.

Her continuous reading led her to the story of Kunta Kinte; a fictional African slave taken to the Americas in the 18th Century.

The story of Kunta Kinte along with the stories of Africa on mainstream media in the Netherlands inspired her as a young girl to visit Africa for herself.

Miss Donkers described the African story as captivating and full of potential and encouraged young people not only to read, but to develop the skill for writing.

The event was also used to launch the ‘Hakila Zoomba Song’ which was sung by Poet Mwintombo, African Pop-songstress Wiyaala and the FIC St Louis School Choir. 

The first two copies of the book were bought at 300 Ghana-Cedis each by the Director for ProNet North Martion Dery and the CEO of the Nuoyong Conglomorate Stephen Mwinkara.

Story by Mark Smith

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